Restaurant and Hospitality Industry: Announcing “EBITDA-PSS”

March 30, 20230

It’s hard to believe Q1 2023 is upon us. Meetings are occurring and operators are seeking higher earnings or facing budget cuts. In an industry that’s on the heels of a pandemic, facing an era of constantly changing dining preferences, and where year over year growth is required, it’s easy to find yourself seeking revenue savings or additional revenue sources at every corner.

EBITDA, EBITDAR, and EBITDARM – however you want to present the numbers, the reality remains the same.

No one wants to be handed a reduced spending allowance alongside increasing sales targets. Achieving projections is hard enough without sacrificing the tools you need to succeed, and money is a big tool. We support our clients in many ways, providing restaurant industry savings through foodservice supply chain procurement and management.

Sundell EBITDA-PSS Video Link


Let us present: EBITDA-PSS

“Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization, Plus Sundell Savings”. Yes, a fun play on words, but all joking aside, Sundell can be a true asset for your bottom line.


Signing with Sundell & Associates, Powered by Buyer’s Edge Platform, will be the best decision you’ve made this year.


Sundell & Associates, powered by Buyer’s Edge Platform, offers enormous opportunities. Sundell represents over a hundred national and local brands, their experts have extensive industry experience with manufacturers, vendors, and distributors.

Buyer’s Edge Platform is the leading foodservice procurement platform in the industry and maintains the LARGEST GPO network in the country with an annual purchasing power of over TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS.

Get in touch soon!

We will provide a customized projected annual savings report.

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Copyright 2024 Sundell & Associates. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2024 Sundell & Associates. All rights reserved.